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Our background in communications and public relations along with our knack for the digital space allows us to create dynamic public relations campaigns that include traditional earned media, social media, celebrity endorsements and events.



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Milan Media Group, LLC (MMG) was established in 2009 as a boutique PR & Branding firm that has 10+ years of experience creating and executing innovative and successful campaigns in the Detroit, D.C., New York, and Los Angeles areas.


When you want to be in the spotlight, we’ll do what it takes to get you there. From talk shows, radio stations, to social media; we can maximize exposure with our creative public relations strategies.


Our fashion brands are consistently placed in some of the most popular magazines, blogs and TV shows. We get our clients ultimate exposure by positioning them in front of prime and responsive audiences.


Our clients receive mentions and rave reviews across several media outlets. From Eco-friendly brands to culinary masters, we position our lifestyle clients in front of audiences that can quickly relate and see the value in their message.


Milan Media Group

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